After a summer season full of guests it was time to start with our farm activity.  After the terrain was plowed, we ordered 25 000 lavender plants, a big investment but without plants, no farm of course. The cooperation we are part of came with a special tractor with a system for “easy” planting … […]

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Sooner than expected

We believed the renovations would take at least a year, so we planned the opening of our Agriturismo in the spring of 2010, because everything in Italy always takes more time than expected. But in our case it was just the opposite. In April we started to feel all the guest apartments would be ready

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All work and no play?

While the builders were working hard in our house, we had the time to explore the region, as we couldn’t do much in the house after all the demolition work was done. Unfortunately we both are “blessed” with a pair of left hands, and everything needed to be done correctly and with certified craftsmen otherwise

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Stuck in the snow?

When we first visited our house on the hill we asked Eleonora, the real estate agent, if it often snowed in this valley (did you know the climate can change a lot from one valley to another in Italy?). She told us it did snow a little every year, but not much, and it was

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The first tears

After this “honeymoon phase” it was time to realise our project: the idea was to open an agriturismo with 4 holiday apartments and to become lavender farmers. Why lavender? There’s no big romantic story about Nicolas who asked me to marry him in a lavenderfield or a family history of farming lavender or something like

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A summer full of fun fun fun

That first summer in Italy (2008) we lived like there was no tomorrow and as if we had all the money in the world (which was absolutely not the case by the way). We went to all the village parties in the neigboorhood, tamed a wild kitten that became best friends with our dog Indy

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The beginning … 12 years ago

Almost 12 years ago Nicolas and I made our Italian dream come true and moved from Belgium to the Italian countryside where we started a never ending renovation project and opened Agriturismo Verdita, self-catering apartments on a lavenderfarm. We said goodbye to our jobs (Nicolas was a lawyer and I was a psychologist) and our

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