After a summer season full of guests it was time to start with our farm activity.  After the terrain was plowed, we ordered 25 000 lavender plants, a big investment but without plants, no farm of course.

The cooperation we are part of came with a special tractor with a system for “easy” planting … Well, easy for the 2 men with experience, but for me – with my 2 left hands – it was a true challenge to get a small plant untangled and in the machine every second … yes, every second !!!

In one day with managed to do all 2.5 hectares of fields, … but not all 25 000 plants. Especially in my rows there were a lot of gaps. This meant that for the next 3 weeks we would be busy planting all those little lavender plants on our hands and knees.

As you can see from one of the pictures, the plants we planted were still very small and from afar invisible, so the next tourist season we received a lot of questions about when we would plant … until I told them to look closer … 😀

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