Wild Orchids

One of the things I learned living on my hill is that nature is never the same, every day of the year it’s a little bit different, not one year is the same and it’s certainly never boring.

I remember seeing the wild orchids for the first time, now almost 12 years ago, and wondering how it was possible I didn’t know that there were wild orchids growing everywhere in Italy. To me this seemed like a huge thing. I mean … how many of you love orchids and wouldn’t you enjoy seeing them everywhere around you? And did you know they exist here in Italy?

They start growing early spring and there are several varieties we can admire until June. This year it seems they are doing their best to ease our worries about the virus and coming out extra early.

I’m very bad with memorizing their names, but every year I enjoy making pictures of them during my morning walks. These days I’m even more grateful for their presence !

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