Stuck on our hill

Lockdown or not, everything on our hill remains surprisingly normal. Okay, yesterday the pellet supplier arrived with a mask and gloves and our pool builders are not sure how long they will be able to continue working because soon they may run out of materials.

But we can still take long walks with our dog Mia every day and the nature around us still looks as beautiful as usual. In the meantime, we hear the stories and see the photos of the abandoned streets, the indignant reactions when groups of young people still gather together and city parks close because not everyone has understood that you can go outside to walk your dog, but not to gather in large groups.

But Italians wouldn’t be Italians if they weren’t taking this “lockdown” to creatively throw parties, help each other and be together remotely, as you can see in this cheerful video.

Slowly but surely, other countries, such as Belgium, are also starting to apply strict measures. I wish you all a lot of strength from our hill and I’m counting down to the moment when normality returns for all of us. Until then: be careful and stay healthy!

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