Parco d’Arte Quarelli – art in the olive grove

There aren’t a lot of olive groves in Piedmont, but one of them is definitely worth a visit, not so much because of the olive trees, but because there is a unique art park, which you can visit every day for free.

Parco d ‘Arte Quarelli, between Mombaldone and Roccaverano, spontaneously arose from a passion for contemporary art and love for the Langhe. Over the years, the estate was visited by many artists from Turin, who regularly left artwork behind in exchange for their stay.

Initially, this art cheered up the house, but as time went on, the artworks also moved beyond the walls of the property. A squatting, radiant white Batman among the bushes, a swordfish in a stone wall and downed fighter jets … These are just a few of the original works of art that you can discover while walking through the panoramic olive groves. Art and nature meet in an oasis of peace, with a spectacular view of the valley.

Last year in September they even held an art festival here. It was a wonderful event with locals and tourists who enjoyed food, music and performances in a unique setting. We really hope they will be able to organize this event again this year.

How to get there from Agriturismo Verdita :

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