Nicolas’ view on our lockdown situation

Even under normal circumstances I’m having trouble with life in general, how everything seems to float slowly by, nothing changes, nothing happens, the everydayness, the unbearable lightness of existence.

It goes without saying that this forced and imposed period of standstill is not really my thing. I thought groundhog day was a nice movie, but to relive it here every day is a bit too much for me.

With all respect to those who enjoy this obligatory period of rest, who finally have time to walk the dog properly, who suddenly discover that cooking can be fun, realize that sport can also be relaxing, who value the constant presence of their partner, but I want to go back to life.

Reports are also coming in from Belgium about how stress free this new way of life feels for some, stepping out of the rat race, great! Of course I can only confirm that, because all the positive points that people now list as positive aspects of the lockdown are the reasons why we moved to our hill twelve years ago.

So, here I always have that peace, that calmness as a basic element and I absolutely did not need a pandemic for that. Now I urgently need external impulses, work, drink a pint at a bar, healthy stress, alertness, being awake, intellectual stimuli, making money, receiving people, social contacts, life …

I continue to feel that later I will still have enough time to stand still, reflect, meditate if I have to, yoga even, whatever, but that now life, our lives can go back on track . I want to go forward again and hope that the world will follow me, if necessary with a mouth mask and disinfectant gel in my inner pocket, but forward!

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