Exploring our backyard

Now more than ever, people are discovering their own neighborhoods. They are constricted to stay close to home and instead of planning a trip to exotic destinations, they are looking for nearby alternatives.

For us this is nothing new. From the moment we moved to our Italian hill 12 years ago we started exploring “our backyard” so intensively that we often found gems that were so well hidden that even the locals didn’t know about them. I don’t know how often they ask us how to get to a certain place and then they’re all surprised to find out it is so close to home.

At the moment we are literally confined to our backyard, but luckily that means we still have our hills to explore. From the moment we will be given a longer leash I have a list of possible outings just around the corner, like going for a river walk, visit our favorite wine farm (to get extra stock in case this starts all over), go hiking in the mountains, going for a ride with the ebike, sea kayaking, …

But for now … we wait just a little longer on our hill until we can safely explore our beautiful country again.

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