Never ending renovations

After we renovated the 4 guest apartments it was time to start the other renovation projects. When we bought our property we knew it was a bit too small to realize everything we wanted. But we preferred having something too small and ad things too it, instead of having something that is too large and never gets finished.

First project: Outbuilding with garage (because the building used as storage and garage would become our house), outdoor kitchen and two terraces, one in front of the garage where the jacuzzi would come and a rooftop solarium.

the stones used were all found on our land

The outdoor kitchen was Nicolas’ dream because he likes to cook. But I told him that as it would be part of the guest’s garden, he wouldn’t get to cook there a lot. Unfortunately for him, it has indeed been like that, but luckily we seem to attract a lot of guests how love to cook outdoors, so it has been a real success.

Same for the jacuzzi, which we preferred over a swimming pool, because it’s warmer, more relaxed and you can use it all year round. During low season we use it often, but you should see us when there are guests.  When other people are around we don’t use it… but we’re always on the look out and when everybody leaves on a daytrip we make a dash for the jacuzzi. Ok, that’s maybe a bit of an exaggeration, as we have also a lot of other things to do besides that. So, you don’t have to feel pity for us ?

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