Our Christmas letter

We wish you happy holidays and a new year full of Italian warmth and sunshine!

Until this peculiar year is over, I’m afraid to give a real overview of our life on the hill… The last mile is the hardest, they say. So, who knows what these last days of 2020 will bring.

Our tourist season has been over for a while now, so we can look back on that and it was surprisingly FANTASTIC!
The start was of course later than expected, but the combination of highly motivated return guests and enthusiastic young Italians who all wanted a romantic and adventurous night in our StarsBOX, ensured such a occupancy rate that we barely felt the influence of Covid.

Combine that with an equally unexpected stream of prospective buyers in need of the support of Advitalia and we are happy to report that it was a professionally successful year.
Honestly, I would have preferred it the other way around: I would have loved to live without Covid worries this year.

But we, as well as many of our fellow countrymen, did not give up and have thrown ourselves into all kinds of new initiatives and partnerships despite the many limitations. Anyone who follows us a bit on social media has certainly seen the pictures of our lavender picnics and the hyper-romantic serenade dinner at the StarsBOX. Unforgettable moments !

And of course, the new POOL … a huge source of frustration at first. The work had just started when we went into a hard lockdown. For months we looked out on a kind of “crater” in our garden.
But It worked ! The morning before the first guests arrived it was finished.
And what a success that was!
Even returnees who aren’t normally water rats enjoyed it to the fullest. What I like the most: Our FATBOY Floatzacs,… floating cushions, on which several of our guests even fell asleep while floating.

It was a one-year rollercoaster and it is not quite over yet, but we look forward to the next year with optimism and excitement! We will not stand still in 2021 either. But more about this in one of our next newsletters …

Hopefully we will see you next year on our Italian hill!

Merry Christmas,
Natascha & Nicolas

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