Did we finish the swimming pool on time?

Yes and No. There is never a simple answer in Italy ?

We expected our first guests on saturday, it was for just one night and they wanted to stay in the StarsBOX in our lavenderfield. Our garden was a mess, the swimming pool wasn’t presentable, let alone finished… so by Friday I was a nervous wreck.

“Luckily” the weather forecast was so disastrous they had to cancel their stay, which meant we had a new deadline : yesterday !

2 days beforehand we started to become desperate as everything still looked like a big construction site instead of the holiday paradise it was supposed to be. But everybody was supermotivated and even if they have to finish a few details … We made it for 99%, which in Italy is like 200% elsewhere ?

And, it looks even better than expected !  So, it was all worth the stress, but I really hope I will never have to build or renovate again.

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