A hill covered with art and vineyards (Bubbio, South Piemonte)

Usually we are the ones who tell the locals about interesting places to see in our area. But when one of the villagers spoke enthusiastically about the panoramic art park Quirin Mayer, located in the wine hills between Monastero Bormida and Bubbio, we had to confess that we had never heard of it.

Of course we had to do something about that. After a nice trip on a winding road between the vineyards we arrived at a large gate with the promising “Welcome” on it.

It soon turned out that we were not welcome at all in the domain, given the many “Forbidden Access” signs, but luckily it was immediately clear that we had to follow the path just outside the garden to get there.

However, Mia thought otherwise, and decided she had to protect us against the automatic lawn mower. Fortunately, our guardian angel is not as big and tough as she sometimes thinks, so everyone got off it unscathed and we continued on our way to the park.

There we enjoyed the colorful spectacle in the vineyards. Really a beautiful place where I want to return soon with my new picnic basket filled with all kinds of goodies. Nicolas is less happy with my picnic obsession. Of course he knows who will have to carry the picnic basket there

Google Maps Coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/j3H8ioPTY4jHb7MG7

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