The poolmen are back !

Never thought I would be so happy with the sound of builders on my hill. 10 days before the lockdown they started working on our new pool. Just in time, so it would be finished on May 1. We heard all kinds of rumors about the virus, but didn’t want to believe this would affect life on our lonely hilltop.

Unfortunately, we know better now and we spent two months looking at an impressive crater in our garden. We had already given up on the deadline, but somewhere we still hoped that guests would be swimming in the Verdita pool this summer.

From the moment they were allowed to again, our men were back. We’ve always been happy with their hard work, but now… their enthusiasm has doubled. Never heard them talk and laugh as much as they do now, all the while working at an incredible pace. That is not surprising when you hear that two out of three have been locked up in a small apartment with their family all this time

Their presence is also a psychological boost for us. I admit, there have been times when I was a bit pessimistic and inclined to give up hope of a summer full of guests. But not anymore, the numbers are heading in the right direction and the Italians are motivated to save summer tourism in a positive but cautious way.

And today we received a reservation for the summer holidays for the first time since the lockdown.

Whatever happens in the future, this day can’t go wrong!

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