Sun and oranges

A question we often get: “What is the weather like in Italy? Italy is, of course, a big country. We may live in the north-west of the country, but it is still southern Europe. We are at about the same latitude as the Provence. Since we are a 45-minute drive from the Ligurian Sea, we also benefit from the warm, Ligurian wind that comes from the sea inland. So in answer to the question, “What kind of weather is it?”: now in winter the nights are cold, but during the day it is almost always sunny and today it was even 15 degrees here. The photos were taken at 8.30 in the morning. That is also an advantage here: it is already clear at 8 am.













At this time of year, the citrus fruits are also at their best. We take the opportunity to replenish our stock of orange jam. We use untreated organic oranges from Sicily. The oranges are boiled for 2 hours, then chopped with their peels and finally boiled with a limited amount of sugar for about 20 minutes. We use about half a kilo of sugar per kilo of fruit. We have already served this jam at breakfast and our guests loved it. So now we have started to stock up again for our future breakfasts. With such lovely weather, it is of course also lovely to have lunch on our terrace. See you soon in Merana?

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