Say cheese !

One of the specialties of our region is the “Robiola di Roccaverano”, a goat cheese that has very antique origins (first testimonials were more than a 1000 years ago).  There are a lot of goat farms in the neighborhood, but the one we visited on a lonely hill near the Erro valley is really unique. Not only for its marvelous cheese that you have to taste, but also because when you visit Patrizia’s farm, Le Ramate, in the summer you have to bring your swimsuit.

Yes, you read that correctly: Bring your swimsuit to the goat farm, because there is a wonderful little lake, hidden between the hills that can only be reached by foot. With a little luck you will come across the goats who are eating their belly full while gazing curiously at you.

Le Ramate is half an hour away from Agriturismo Verdita, the road is very panoramic but also very curvy. There are no indications anywhere and we only found it because Patrizia, the owner, had told us that we had to drive through the “ranch-like” gates to reach their farm.

It’s not only an adventure to be there, but also to get there 😀

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